Yukon Planning Regions

There are four regions where planning commissions are yet to be established: Kluane, Teslin, Whitehorse and Northern Tutchone. Up until 2013, we hosted numerous workshops and meetings designed to determine the remaining planning region boundaries and to draft the terms of reference for the next planning region. While there is more work to be done, this work will speed the start of the next planning process now that regional planning is resuming in the Yukon. At that time both the Kluane and the Teslin regions were getting ready to start planning. While planning in the Northern Tutchone and Whitehorse regions wasn't imminent, we were making progress on their regional boundaries.

The areas for these 4 regions are subject to change, but are currently envisioned as:

Region Area (km2)
Northern Tutchone  79278
Kluane  56727
Whitehorse  22230
Teslin  19474



When the Yukon Land Use Planning Council first started working towards regional land use planning in the Yukon in 1999, it divided the Territory up into eight conceptual planning regions with loosely defined borders. With the establishment of three planning commissions in the north (North Yukon, Peel Watershed, and Dawson), the Council is looking south to recommend the next planning region.

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