Yukon Planning Regions

The three blue areas in the map at right correspond to areas where regional planning under the Yukon Final Agreements is thought to not apply: Southeast: Kaska Dene (Liard First Nation + Ross River Dena Council); central west: White River Core Area (see Kluane First Nation Final Agreement); and, north: Inuvialuit. While planning in these areas (and in northern BC) may be beyond our jurisdiction, collaborative planning arrangements may be reached for areas where there is overlapping Traditional Territories with Yukon First Nations with Final Agreements. There has been little policy developed on this front.


Letter to YG

The Yukon Land Use Planning Council recently sent a    pdf letter (291 KB)  urging the the Premier and the Yukon Government to develop a policy on how Yukon First Nations without Final Agreements can participate in regional land use planning in the Yukon. This is important because three of the remaining four planning regions include the traditional territories of First Nations without land claim settlements (Kluane, Teslin and Northern Tutchone regions). Such a policy will facilitate regional land use planning in the Yukon.

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