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Michael Barrett - Kativik Regional Government, Associate Director of the Renewable Resources, Environment, Lands and Parks Department

Regional Planning - Parks, Biodiversity and Aquatic Reserves  - Cooperating for Success  – the  Nunavik Experience  Nunavik offers a model for regional protected area planning based on consultation, partnership and community  involvement at all stages including planning and management.  The  Sanarrutik Agreement , signed in 2002, by the KRG and Makivik, with the Government of Quebec,  established a new relationship and committed to promote economic and community development for Nunavik  Inuit through long-term partnership.  The Agreement included provisions to support the development of provincial parks in Nunavik which lead to  the creation of Parc national des Pingualuit in 2004,  Kuururjuaq in 2009, Tursujuq in 2013 and Ulittaniujalik to  be created early in 2016 all together totaling 36,994 sq km.  In the last 10 years the KRG and Makivik joined with t he Government of Quebec in an effort to expand the  protected area network in Nunavik to meet a target of 20% by 2020. Consultations with the communities  produced a set of priorities as a baseline. The Kovik River and most of its watershed was identified as a first  priority. In 2015 mining claims were suspended in this 4 ,000 sq. km area as work has begun to develop a  conservation plan. Nunavik Inuit and their organizations are now guided i n all their work by Parnasimautik – an intense 2-year  consultation in the communities that led to the product ion of the 2014 Parnasimautik Consultation Report. The report sets out a blueprint for the future and calls on governments and industry to act as true partners.