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Christine Wenman, B.Sc., M.Sc.P. –Ecology North

Planning in Canada’s north is inevitably rooted in a landscape of diversity and change. Such changes are occurring within bio-cultural contexts that are not easily nor appropriately disconnected from one another. While NWT communities are experiencing some of the world’s most dramatic effects of climate change, they are simultaneously developing unique systems of governance at the local, regional and territorial scale.  

Ecology North, a Yellowknife-based non-profit organization has focused substantial work on addressing climate change in NWT over the past several years. The organization’s projects span realms of communication, adaptation and mitigation. Projects have focused on initiatives as specific as managing community hazardous waste and monitoring wastewater and as broad as facilitating governments to adapt a climate change planning lens to all aspects of community planning.

These projects are briefly presented with reflections on the intersections of multiple scales and facets of change and resilience.