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Sub-Regional Planning in Yukon - coverSince late 2014, we have been focussing much of our effort on reviewing the Common Land Use Planning Process (CLUPP) in an effort to make future planning projects more efficient and successful. One question that has come up is about sub-regional planning. The Yukon Land Use Planning Council is mandated under Chapter 11 - Land Use Planning of the Umbrella Final Agreeement. However, this chapter references sub-regional planning minimally and provides even less guidance for the application of a sub-regional planning process. To explore how sub-regional planning could be a part of regional planning under Chapter 11, we recently contracted Ryder Communications Management to provide this analysis.

The intent of the document is to stimulate an agreement amongst the Parties about the scope and fit of sub-regional plans in the broader planning context in the Yukon under the Land Claim Agreements.

After exploring the context and nature of sub-regional planning in general, this report explores 3 potential "scenarios" of how sub-regional planning could be integrated (or not) with Yukon's regional planning process:

  • Regional Umbrella
  • Sub-regional Phased
  • Independent Sub-Region


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